Saturday, 12 September 2009

A tryst with nature

The road stretched out in front, inviting and relaxing – holding a promise of an unknown oasis of relaxation.

The three cars made good ground along the Durgapur Expressway as soon as they left the city limits. The parathas and dahi at Palsit charged the batteries and we were off again. Four hours after we had left the smog filled cloudy horizon of Kolkata we turned off the asphalt road into a lovely Kaccha pathway lined by greenery in all sorts of hue.

Travelling through this road we reached a new place off the river Ajoy, where one got to rest in a cosy little cottage lined with flower beds and with peacocks as company. The city bound tired souls looked around with their jaded eyes and suddenly, the adrenaline was back flowing through them.

The result – a trek through the gardens to the banks of Ajoy which lay there in a languid curl – almost too lazy to move with a lonely boat floating by itself.

After the stroll by the riverside and a quick bath, steaming rice, delicious ‘aloo patal’ and fish curry, there
was a long lazy adda under the watchful eyes of two local dogs and a few unknown birds flying by.

The evening unfolded early with gathering clouds muscling out the sun.

The rains started with a drizzle and then this happened.

Fifteen city bred rat race toughened individuals gaped at the peacock and turned into children all over again. We walked up further and sat in the pouring rain by a place drenched in tranquillity and dreamed of what we just saw. The lovely pond with its green cover in front of us made us yearn for more.

It rained the entire night and sleep was a cosy affair dotted with the dreams of the show that nature had put up for us the entire day.

The next morning the same jaded individuals returned to the din of the city aglow with newfound jest for life.