Friday, 31 December 2010

Moving on to 2011

Another year draws to an end leaving behind with me  more grey hairs, some bruises, some excitement, some milestones, some hope, some despair and a lot of experience.

Personally, the year 2010 -Twenty ten to some - leaves behind the aftertaste of a battlefield. It has been a year of struggle and fights with moments of exasperation, of grinding effort and relearning the art of warfare. Challenges flew in from all sides and it required all of my mental strength to ward them of. The effort left marks all over me but somehow the head did not dip.

Having said all that, 2010 also gave me the belief to take on new challenges and proceed towards untested waters. It did define new interpersonal relationships and raised the patience levels. Milestones did come in, like starting a new phase of business and shifting to my own house. A lot of people did extend their support in this fight and I remain ever indebted to them.

But above all, I feel that 2010 made me slog and create a platform for the future and 2011 would hopefully see the take off from there.

So here I raise a toast in anticipation and wish all of you a great and fulfilling 2011.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Daekhcho tumi shomoy takae
Bhabcho bujhi ketey jaabey

Korcho kaaj aponmonae
Bhacho shob korae jaabey

Takiyae acho bahir paaney
Bhabcho raat ketey jaabey

Bhulcho tumi ashol kotha
Shesh banshi ta shunyo hobae