Thursday, 27 November 2008

Whither next?

I am sad. I am shaken.

I thought terrorist encounters happened in Israel or in Beirut. Grenades were thrown in Afghanisthan.

I thought we were safe. I thought we had strong borders. I thought -----

AND then, there were TV channels showing gunmen and police running about on the streets with drawn weapons, bodies being flung onto ambulances, blasts happening on the elite monuments of Mumbai, the figures of the casualties were rising like mercury in heat.

I felt numb. I felt helpless.

Then the tears came. Tears of anger and rage at the incompetence -- the incompetence of the intelligence agencies, the incompetence of the authorities but above all the incompetence of myself.

I want to give it back in kind to these scums but I don't know how!!!!!


Sucharita Sarkar said...

A very appropriate title. We do not where to go, there is no safe haven anymore. My spouse works bang opposite CST station, he witnessed the CST carnage from his office windows. Every return home is a blessing, every wait till that is with a prayer.

Giving back in kind to these scums is a justified feeling, but don't you also wish that all this 'clash of cultures' and 'jihad' would just STOP?

Pinku said...

let the tears flow till they dry out...then get up and do something, about it.
thats the only solution.

nsiyer said...

Yes, I am in line with your thoughts.
Never again should we let this happen should be our resolve. Let's come together.