Monday, 28 December 2015

2015 -- The annual round up

The year-end synopsis is well due I guess. Also, I should follow the ritual that I had started about 3 years back—Looking back at the year passed and end it with an eye to the future.
Well, here goes …..
2015 – A watershed year surely in my life ; a year that pushed me into the abyss of financial trouble with all sources virtually drying up. It was an hourly fight for creating funds for survival. Having said that, this was also the year where benefactors loomed up and lent me their shoulders to help me scrape through at the very last moment.
Maitreyi De Sarkar, Shubhayu Sengupta, Anannya Chakraborty and Antora Chauhan—if you are reading this – I owe you all big time and would pray to the almighty to provide me with the necessary muscle to shore you up if, God forbid, you happen to land in a dump. Even when the accounts get settled, these debts would remain unpaid as it was not only the finances but the psychological boosters given by you which pulled me through.
This year would also surprise at the very end with me deciding to leave business and take up a job again after 8 long years.6 months ago, I would have scoffed at the possibility of such occurrence as frivolous and impossible. This goes to show how the plans for the future are best left to the almighty.
The consistent positive has been my daughter. She has been a constant source of joy and fun and has grown every hour. Also, a word for my family who have really felt the brunt of this crisis without much ado!
That brings us to the next year.
As I said and learnt the hard way, planning for the future is for fools but I can always hope for an easier time ahead --- specially more comfort in finances , more work , more joys from my daughter as she grows up and challenges me to grow up with her and consistent improved health from my now rapidly aging parents. Also, I hope that my partner in crime, my wife, gets her due in her career. God knows that she deserves it.

Au Revoir and wish you all a very happy new year.

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Debbie Dasan said...

The psyche is tired and it shows up in this write up. I too wish that you have a better year ahead