Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Upswing and Downswing

The last 48 hours has been a veritable vertical pendulum.

From a Zenith of unbridled joy created by Mahi & Co. , it was a rude splash down into a city looking like a endless gutter due to rains. The sewage and the storm water drainage failed in Tandem and the city was drowned-- and it still continues to be under water in some parts even 36 hours after the Sun made a reappearance.

The exalted Mayor makes a statement on television that the water would recede once the rains stop. As if one would require Rocket Science or Insider Information to know that!!!!!

Believe me it is quite galling to be wading in knee deep muck and listening to such profound theories.

1 comment:

Runa said...

khubh khubh shundore lekhata on winter...ekdom amar memory te 14 yrs back jei winter kolkatai petam....kintu amake janash ni je likhecchhish, tai khubh kheplam