Thursday, 4 October 2007

IN - human

He had celebrated his 35th birthday. He had just crossed a milestone of his standard daily life. He sat on the park bench, cigarette in hand- thoughtful, alone and sad.

And he had just had a birthday bash. There were friends all around, his relatives made him feel special and he had the best gifts in the world.

Yet, he walked out of the celebrations at the first opportunity. He looked for solitude- for time with himself.

As he now sat ruminating, his life flashed by. He had achieved a lot in the 35 years that he had trod on Mother Earth. He had achieved academic success, he had reached dizzy heights in his career, he had the world at his feet. Everyone envied his single minded dedication.

He was happy. He was sad.

In 35 years, he had ceased to be a Human Being.

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