Thursday, 1 November 2007

Pujo- Past Perfect

This pujo we had shifted to a new apartment block. New and shining facade, new entry points, well maintained terraces, in house pujo celebrations, nice neighbours, community eating and cultural functions everyday. Good fun actually.

For once mom and wifey got the chance to be part of the arranging team. For once baba got a chance to see all the fun from the shelter of the balcony. For once one could write to friends about the own apartment pujo.

One should be have been happy and contented.

But the Lazy one was not!!!!

The lazy roads lined with trees, the huge fields with swaying 'Kash', the unending unannounced arrival of friends at ones home, the addas at the pandals of different zones , the anticipated meetings with old friends at these pandals, the erratic timings of of coming home and going out, the fun and anticipation of "going home" on Shosthi, the angst of returning to the city on Ekadoshi, the unadulterated fun of living on Phuchka, Eggroll and other such manna from Heaven, the sadness tinged fun of the Bhasan ------ were all missing.

As was the place where one got it all!!!

As was the age that appreciated all of it!!

Phirbena , Sheto ar phirbena,
Phirbena ar kono din!

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