Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Shift of Home

Yesterday, I took the road to Durgapur once again.

As I hit the NH-2 and travelled outside the periphery of Kolkata, a whole mass of swaying ‘kash’ flowers carried me over to the past. For a period of 8 long years, every year around this time I used to take this road early morning to go home – home, where my parents stayed, where my friends waited for me and where I could be myself.

The rush of fond memories flooded me as I stepped off the bus and looked around to see the familiar signs.

But, thereon the things changed. I did not go to ‘my home’. I went to my office, instead. My parents had shifted to Kolkata. A majority of my friends have moved to other locations in quest of livelihood. I borrowed a bike and moved around all the places I used to hang out at, once upon a time. The pandals looked lovely, there was more pomp than I had ever seen but I felt like a tourist.

I took back the evening bus after I had finished my work. The same roads brought me back – to a place where my family is, where my friends waited for me, where the roads seemed so familiar, where the para pandal seemed to beckon.

I realised that ‘my home’ has shifted – or maybe I had multiple homes, now.


Susmita Biswas said...

বাড়ি তো সেটাই যেখানে থাকে প্রিয়জন
পুরনো টা রয়ে যায়
স্মৃতি তো সতত সুখের ব্যানজন
গরম অথবা ঠান্ডায়

Pradip Biswas said...

Past is always sweet. We used stay at Rangunj, Durgapur many years ago. Two years before I visited Durgapur and sat under the Mango tree which my father planted. Two ripe mangoes fell. I looked here and there and took them. This is not stealing I consoled myself and kept them in my house for a long time.
Pujo bhalo katuk

Oreen said...

when i visit MAMC, that's one place in Durgapur still time warped.

next time, stroll through the streets of MAMC...

Mamra is still the same :)

Lazyani said...

@Oreen, yess, MAMC and Mamra remains the same. But, MAMC is in the process of restarting under a new management and there are already plans for the township makeover:)